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Here you will find some information about the history of our folklore ensemble or folklore in general in Dambořice.


 In 1973, the first ethnographic ensemble was founded in Dambořice, which revived the colorful tradition of folklore and folk costumes. The group, led by F. Mayer and F. Luskač, recalled with their performances old, half-forgotten dances, but also the well-known Czech and Moravian beseda. The musical accompaniment was provided by DH Dambořanka, because the last CM disbanded in Dambořice in 1904. In 1925, a band popularly known as strájch was still active in Dambořice, with a cast of both string and wind instruments.

  The ensemble successfully represented the community at the festival in Strážnice. Petr Luskač and Jaroslav Kroupa were the other group leaders. At that time, the ensemble also took part in a trip to Germany, performed at the Slovakian Year in Kyjov, at the Region Without Shadows in Krumvíř, etc.

  The ensemble organized costumed balls, vintage gatherings, feasting customs at the landfill. Generational problems and new economic conditions minimized the group's activity, and the group disappeared in 1985

 And how Salajka actually came about. After the party in 2001. The cellarman was Vilém Trumpeš and the cellarwoman was Radka Bůžková, both dancers of the Slovak troupe Lůčka. The then 15-year-old boy was so impressed by the cellarman's verbunka that they asked him if he would teach them. At the first exams, 5 boys appeared and the lessons began, the number of boys began to grow until there were 10, then a few girls came, word gave word and Moravian dialect was learned. They performed this for the first time at a costume ball in Krumvíř in January 2002 in 8 pairs. In autumn, the ensemble prepared the first folklore evening in cooperation with the Kunstát. The Hlubočí band performed in the program and was accompanied by the CM from Milotic.

  In the summer of 2003, the group already performed at the Slovak Year in Kyjov with the band Skládka and Hlubočí. Several dancers went on a trip to Slovenia with DH Dambořanka. During this period, the ensemble was accompanied by CM Dědina from Stavěšice with Primate Eva Petrželová. In this period, the ensemble numbered 24 members + CM. In 2003, the ensemble organized its first costume ball in cooperation with the Municipality and it was a huge success. The hall was sold out and everyone was satisfied. The ball is traditionally held every year.


In 2004, the ensemble took part in several balls and in the summer organized a folklore Sunday on the occasion of the natives' convention, where they performed 45 min. block of dances. In the same year, he also performed in Svatobořice - Mistřín at the harvest festival, at the recruiting competition in Ždánice, where Lattenberg Pavel won the audience prize, and at the festivities in Šlapanice.

  In 2005, the ensemble had 50 rehearsals, 1x sorting camp at a cottage in Vřesovice, 1x all-day camp with L. Šimeček. There is a fundamental change in the accompanying music, when the ensemble begins to accompany CM Mládí z Čejče. The ensemble has traditionally participated in several balls. He performed at the 4th NF Svatobořice Mistrín, the International Festival in Šumperk and the national Harvest Festival in Tišnov. He organized a costume ball, helped with the organization of Happy Songs, organized 8 lessons of folklore dances for the public, supplied old men to feasts in Dambořice, the boys took part in a competition of recruiters.


  In 2006, the group started its activities by organizing a discussion at the dulcimer, organizing a ball and several performances around the area at balls. In April, the boys took part in recruitment in Čejkovice. However, everything was leading to two important events, namely the organization 1st Dambořice 2006 folklore group competition festival and a trip to Turkey.  Although we did not win the competition between ten groups on the home stage, we won the audience award with a majority of more than 300 votes. The ensemble also received an award in Istanbul, where 12 groups from all over the world performed (SK, BLR, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Hungary, Ecuador, Poland, etc.).

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