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DFS Salajenka

The Salajenka Children's Folklore Ensemble are our smallest dancers who have already been dancing for a few years. Children learn the basics of dancing here, which will help them in the folklore world.

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The children's folklore group was created in 2006 on the occasion of the 1st edition of the Competitive Folklore Festival in Dambořice.

Today, there are a total of 40 children aged 3-15 in the group, forming two groups. The younger group is attended by children aged 3-8, while children aged 9-15 make up the older group.

For younger children, we focus on children's games, songs and nursery rhymes from Hanácký - Slovácko. In our repertoire, you can find the band about Mlynáry (we were inspired by the mill that stood in Dambořice) or Žabáci - where we focus on games by the stream.

Even the older Salajenka group mainly uses songs and dance steps from Hanácký - Slovácko, we also learn the basic dance steps of the polka, waltz or crotch. However, we are not afraid to go to the surrounding regions as well, so in our repertoire you will find, for example: a band of girls' ski jumps from the neighboring region of Kyjovské dolňácko...

The whole ensemble continues to participate in festivals in the area, e.g.: Shadowless Region in Krumvíř, May Festival in Ždánice, Slovak Year in Kyjov or Folklore Festival in Milotice. The older component then took part in, for example: a festival in Bělohrady Spa, where they performed alongside FS Salajka, where our members go after finishing their work in the children's ensemble.

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In the group, children often find friends for life. They like to spend their free time together, which is why the ensemble can be seen outside of rehearsals and performances. They meet every year at the autumn and spring training sessions, where fun prevails over dancing, and they also go out together to entertainment centers or on trips.

The ensemble leaders are Barbora Kafková, Magdalena Hamanová, Barbora Živělová and Lenka Martiňáková.

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