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Mužský sbor Dambořice

Mužský sbor z Dambořic - The male choir from Dambořice is a group of very good singers who can sing both with music and acapella. They sing a diverse repertoire of songs from many regions, thanks to which they have enough nice sets of songs that you can listen to on one of their CDs.


The male choir was formed at the beginning of 2006, when it was preparing for a festival held in Dambořice. In particular, Vilém Trumpeš and Jiří Kroupa were responsible for the creation of the choir.

With its repertoire, the choir focuses on the restoration of already forgotten songs from Dambořice, such as the jingle at the festival "I'm not so sorry". However, his repertoire includes songs from all over Slovácko, Horňáck and Podluží.

He had his first performance before the festival at the grandmother's party.

Currently, the choir is attended by 15 singers led by Jožka Varmuža and Martin Vašíček. The choir already has two CDs to its credit and also collaborated on a CD of dulcimer music by Primáš from Boleradice.

He performed at various events such as open cellars, Slovak Year in Kyjov and various folklore festivals.

If anyone wants to sing and participate in the preparation of the choir, it is possible every Friday from 8:00 p.m. in the building of the former primary school on the second floor.

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