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Děvčata z Dambořic

Děvčata z Dambořic are singers who like to sing and laugh at the same time. They are in tune together and no songs are scary.


The Děvčata z Dambořice women's choir covers songs mainly from Hanácký Slovácko and Kyjovské. The choir cooperates with FS Salajka from Dambořice, the men's choir from Dambořice and CM Primaš from Boleradice, with whom they participated in the recording of the CD Damborské pozpívání. The choir performs at folklore festivals (SFFS Dambořice, Slovácký rok, MFF Mistřín, Očová, Piešťany) and at various folklore events, both in the region and beyond.

At the moment, our choir consists of a few girls. Our rehearsals take place on Tuesdays at 6 pm at the rehearsal room in Dambořice, and we will certainly be happy if you come and sing with us.

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