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Doprovodné Muziky

Dulcimer music  is very important for a dance group and therefore it is definitely not missing in our group. During our career, we had the opportunity to play with several super dulcimers and each of them played us a nice note.


CM Šternovjan

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Our dulcimer music was founded in the spring of 2015. Every beginning is difficult and it was no different for us. The first line-up settled in the following composition: Prim, David Šinderbal – leader and founder of music, who also worked in other ensembles. He comes from Slovácko, which is why our music "smells of Dolňack".

CM Šternovjan has been playing for FS Salajka since 2022, and despite the fact that they have been playing together for a few years, he plays and sings very well for them.

We hope to spend as much time together as possible and they will play for us as long as possible.

CM Friška

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The year was 2003…

... and at the Slovakian Year in Kyjov, a new dulcimer band performed - Kyjovánek. We played then

in the programs "We are good..." and "...I will be even better!". We worked on the program under the guidance of Hana Vašulková, Ladik Sedláček and the Primate of BROLn - Radek Zapletal.

We enrich events of all kinds with our music and energy, such as weddings, balls, feasts, celebrations or feasts, but we have not fallen out of the festival carousel either. Since 2014, we have been touring the homeland and abroad with the Salajka folklore ensemble
from Dambořice.

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CM Primáš

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We have been operating in the Hanácké Slovácko area since 2006 under the name cymbal music Primáš z Boleradice. In 2011 we released our first CD entitled Hanácké Slovácko, ten years later the annual CD From Rožnov to Břeclav. We have been cooperating for a long time with the Theater Association of the Mrštík Brothers from Boleradice, with dance groups, male and female choirs, we can also be seen at festive concerts, dulcimer discussions, wine baskets, burčák celebrations and other social events.

CM Mládí

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We are South Moravian dulcimer music from the village of Čejč and we have been active in the field of folk music since 1993. Thanks to the location of our village, which lies on the borders of three ethnographic regions, we draw on a wide repertoire of songs from these regions - Hanácké Slovácko, Kyjovsko and Podluží. Our repertoire includes songs and music from other regions of Moravia, Slovakia, as well as Bohemia and Hungary.

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